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1…..“The Cannabis Gold Rush”

25-minutes by Nolan E. Crouse

In October, 2018 Cannabis use in Canada became legal.

Opportunities appear to be plentiful.  From security companies to air conditioning installers, to the lighting industry, there will be some who will capitalize on the new cannabis reform.  Much of what was underground money will now end up in the coiffures of the private sector, instead of the underground.  Of course there are winners, losers and lots of stock trading.  One can hope it results in the intended consequences.

It has taken nearly a century for Canadians and Americans to come to grips with the upside and downside of marijuana within their two countries.  It may very well take another century to establish the effects of these current changes that are being introduced in North America this decade.  The plan of course is to shut down the illegal trade, close the illegal dispensaries, reduce incarceration, unplug the courts and address any criminal activity in a more focused way.

Hear about the winners, the losers, and the politics of this generational change.

If I were to attend this, what would I learn?

  • The impact of this new legislation that is not being talked about (the Colorado experiences)
  • The impact of this new legislation on communities
  • The impact of this new legislation on families
  • The impact of this new legislation on organizations
  • The impact of this new legislation on corporations
  • The impact of this new legislation on schools, hospitals and other public institutions hospitals

2…..“20 Trendy Ways to become a better bully”

25-minutes by Nolan E. Crouse

It is time to talk and time to learn about the 20 Trendy Ways to become a better bully:

  1. Workplace bullying
  2. Pressure bullying
  3. On line and cyber bullying
  4. Client bullying
  5. Serial bullying
  6. Pair bullying
  7. Gang bullying
  8. Regulation bullying
  9. Corporate bullying
  10. Institutional bullying
  11. Anonymous bullying
  12. Sports bullying
  13. Gender bullying
  14. Religious bullying
  15. Racist bullying
  16. Age bullying
  17. Financial bullying
  18. Size bullying
  19. Family and domestic bullying
  20. Governance bullying

Speaker Nolan Crouse is hard hitting about bullying, gathered from a life of 30 years coaching hockey, 35 years in business and 13 years in politics.  He has seen it all and this is a compelling talk to awaken the silent.

If I were to attend this, what would I learn?

  • Why people bully
  • How to spot a bully in your workplace
  • Qualities that bullies target
  • How bullying affects people and families
  • How bullying affects organizations and corporations
  • How bullying affects boards
  • How bullying is different than harassment
  • Factors that increase the risk of bullying
  • What can be done about bullying

3…..“For God Sake, Drop the Puck”

25-minutes by Nolan E. Crouse

Coaching hockey at all levels from Junior A to Senior Men’s, from Mighty Mights to Midget AAA, brings with it stories, challenges, suspensions, rewards and more.  There is a tremendous blend of sacrifice and reward to allow anyone to able to coach for 30 years and similarly, tremendous sacrifice and reward for players like Joffrey Lupul and Kyle Chipchura to become both NHL first rounders.  The stories are plentiful as are the life lessons.

Everyone is up for a hockey story from those such as Meaghan Mikkelson, Jarome Iginla and Shannon Szabados, all Olympic Gold medalists.  There are also stories that cannot be told, but those that can be, provide an insight to the sport and insight to a Coach; insight as to what it takes to advance to the level of being able to make a living coaching hockey, our national sport of preference.

The stories of trials, losses, tragedy, humour and bad trades all allow for entertainment and lessons.

Nolan Crouse shares some of these stories, a world that he left behind when he decided that life after hockey of having “arrows” always pointed at him as a Head Coach would be better if those arrows were aimed at him as the Mayor of St. Albert where he spent 10 years.  From his 3 decades as a Forest Products manager to 3 decades coaching hockey, Nolan is well known in the circles of business, sports and politics and speaks about blending it all together.

If I were to attend this, what would I learn?

  • Learn of the rewards of politics and hockey
  • Learn about the sacrifice to serve as a leader in sports, business and politics
  • Learn about how lessons from coaching hockey shape political success
  • Hear about how the same daggars transcend hockey, business and politics
  • Hear about how many who wish failure upon one are actually mostly bullies
  • How stories of perseverance yield success and stress for so many

4…..“So you wanna be an Elected Official?”

25-minutes by Nolan E. Crouse

In 2007, St. Albert, Alberta had 22,000 “doors” and soon-to-be-elected Mayor, Nolan Crouse, chose to ring the doorbell of each of those 22,000 doors.   At that time, Twitter and Facebook were in their early days and campaigning was old fashion door knocking, lawn signs and newspaper ads.

Following were 10 years as Mayor with 2 re-elections where the bullies plotted and reeked havoc in attempts to discredit, defame, and harm Mayor Crouse with various motives in mind.  Lawsuits, countless websites, blogs, Freedom of Information (FOIP) searches and bullying through newly found tools such as Facebook and Twitter.  Such bullying is becoming a norm within politics of this century and is being discussed.

There are also political action committees, organizations, adhoc groups and individuals who are intent, in some form, of influencing the political processes of all orders of government.  These relentless tactics persist and is compounded by the fact that the historically-objective journalist is becoming a thing of the past.

This is also a time when business leaders are expressing a deteriorating confidence in its governments and is further complicated by technological uncertainty and social consequences uncertainty.  There is an ever-increasing need for objectivity and data-based decision making.

What the future holds for public officials, board members, politicians and not for profit leaders as we enter the next decade remains uncertain.  Advocates will continue to find new and innovative ways to advance a view, a candidate, an ideology or a product and money to do so may not always be obtained or used in conventional ways.

Speaker Nolan Crouse uses the lessons learned to speak about how these experiences may be affecting careers and organizations.

If I were to attend this, what would I learn?

  • Lessons for anyone wishing to enter political life
  • The same tools used by bullies are used by the advocates to influence others
  • Things to consider if your organization is in the cross-hairs of controversy
  • Lessons if you are personally in the cross-hairs of controversy
  • Things to avoid; tools to pursue and tips for anyone involved in elected office

5…..”Leadership with a Twist”: The world is run by those who show up”

25-minutes Nolan E. Crouse

We are in a time of questioning just who to follow.  White-collar leaders are going to jail, professional athletes are holding out for more money, musicians are in court, church leaders are in damage control and politicians are accused of sexual misconduct.  Movie stars of course are doing all of the above.

Oprah Winfrey took 9 minutes & 40 seconds at the recent Golden Globes to give her latest speech.  She was immediately hailed by many as having the ability to be the next President of the United States. And it gave the “me too” movement more strength.

The battle for air time and attention sought on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram is only 10 years old. A tweet can become the direction of public policy or a 10 second Youtube video may be the beginning of the next scandal.

Business leaders are describing a deteriorating confidence in societal leadership along side technological and social consequence uncertainty. Influence is becoming more about air time and less about knowledge as leaders seek air time on twitter, on Youtube, at rallies, dancing in end zones and on camera inside our political institutions; now prime time theatre.  It matters not if something is right or wrong, it matters that something is said or done over and over again to make it appear either right or wrong.

There is a saying “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around, did it make any noise?”  Creating noise is what many of today’s leaders do as everyone learns that “the world is really run by those who show up”.

Nolan Crouse will share what and how sound bites are influencing the world.

If I were to attend this, what would I learn?

  • The impact of social media and soundbites on changing the world
  • The sound bite tools utilized and how they are impacting change
  • How the world is run by those who “simply show up” in some fashion
  • How 280 characters is a new way of shifting public policy
  • How Facebook advertising is a new way of shifting public opinion
  • How the keyboard is becoming as strong as someone in a Board Room

Listen here to one of Nolan Crouse’s latest speeches with the City of St. Albert: