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Do You Require….

… A Certified Change Management Professional (TM)?

  • … Regional Governance, facilitation, bringing regions and groups together 

  • … Prevention, Intervention, and Repair (Bullying workshops and training)

  • … a Board Member?

  • … a Master of Ceremonies?

  • … an Auctioneer?

  • … A presiding officer?

  • … a Speaker?

  • … a Facilitator?

  • … a Moderator?

  • … a Narrator?

  • … a Focus Group Facilitator?

  • … Someone to Organize a Roast?

  • … a Leadership Course?

  • … Governance Training?

  • ... An Instructor (leadership and change management)

If “yes” … call Nolan Crouse

780 863 0028


Availability and rates all negotiable 


Additional services working with Crouse and Associates:

  • All regional matters such as conflict, governance and regional funding models
  • Leadership workshops and training
  • Lead ad-hoc or ongoing governance training
  • Provide training on bullying issues and the new legislation together with Linda Crockett (ABRC.ca)
  • Provide elected officials support, training and mentoring
  • Assist others with development of inter-municipal agreements such as IDP’s and ICF’s
  • Perform governance and operations reviews or assessments
  • Facilitate senior management performance appraisals
  • Provide interim senior management coverage on an term basis
  • Perform policy review and/or development
  • Help lead board workshops
  • Lead open houses for public engagement
  • Facilitate retreats, think tanks, focus groups or planning sessions
  • Provide Truth and Reconciliation (T&R) advice to Boards or Councils
  • Perform “Code of Conduct” training or assessments
  • Lead Joint Use Planning Agreement development
  • Assist in securing Federal or Provincial grants specific to special projects
  • Course instruction