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Exploring options to serve the people of Alberta through Provincial politics

Today I wish to share with you what I will be contemplating over the upcoming weeks; in what lays next for me in the realm of public service, a passion that you may know that I hold.

As you may be aware, I recently announced that I will not be seeking re-election as St. Albert’s Mayor this fall. After having been provided with the opportunity to serve 4 terms on Council, 3 terms as Mayor, and 5 years as Chair of the Capital Region Board, I have decided it is time to review other potential opportunities to continue serving Albertans beyond the Municipal realm.

As such, I intend to explore important options to serve the people of Alberta through Provincial politics and have begun the process to do such.

The Alberta Liberal Party knows it is an important time to establish itself as the progressive and moderate political choice for Albertans. Yesterday, January 16, the Alberta Liberal Party announced the start of this new chapter with its intent to choose the Party’s next leader in June, replacing Dr. David Swann.

It is of interest to all Albertans that the Alberta Liberal Party creates a modern gateway where we all respect ideological differences, celebrate all our diversities and find ways to better represent the middle-class, politically. After all, that is today’s Alberta and Albertans are better together.

As an experienced business owner and business executive, an experienced elected official, a husband, father, grandfather and lifelong Albertan, I care very much about how I may best contribute to our Province’s future success. The opportunity to serve Albertans in a volunteer capacity such as the Liberal Party Leader is one opportunity that I am seriously considering. I will update Albertans in the near future.


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